Learning This Way

Everyday is a different kind of learning day for my kids. I have discovered that my kids are not so fond of “drill” exercises or worksheets for a daily learning routine. I initially started with that approach because it’s what I grew up with, learning in a traditional school.

As a first time homeschooler, my children and I learn from each other and hurdle challenges together.

Our most recent successful activity which seems to be a major point of interest is soap making!

So here I am sharing about the activity. Let me know if you want to know about the process of soap making 🙂

Process: Melt & Pour Soap Making

Time for activity: approximately 2 hours from preparation, activity proper, and to clean-up.

Learnings I was able to apply throughout the activity:


  • Division, as we divided the big melt and pour soap bases into smaller chunks
  • Addition & Subtraction, as we measured the ingredients for each soap batch


  • Concepts of Hot & Cold
  • Concepts of Melting & Cooling
  • Concepts of Solids and Liquids


  • Vocabulary building as I taught them new words, used in conversation while giving instructions and detailing the process
  • Creative writing as we named the soaps

Values Formation

  • Concept of patience
  • Concept of time management

There are several things I realized while we went through this activity.

Children learn in different ways. The amount of knowledge they absorb and turn into learning relies on the teaching method and the communication style the teacher applies.

I was surprised at how my kids picked up the concepts so quickly compared to when I would conduct the lecture style teaching method.

Now the challenge is continuing this method of teaching and constantly introducing lessons in an engaging manner 🙂

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