Love for a Lifetime

It might be a surprise… but Jet and I never celebrated “monthsaries” nor anniversaries while we were just dating. Not celebrating “monthsaries” wasn’t an issue for me.. but not celebrating anniversaries? that was something which concerned me before..

“I will only ask you to be mine one time” was what Jet answered years ago when I asked him why he never asked me to be his girlfriend. I had to ask him at one point “ano ba talaga tayo.. tayo na ba?” To which Jet answered “ayaw mo?” – It may seem funny and confusing.. but now that I look back.. it gave clarity for Jet’s direction and intention for our relationship.

Direction is where you will go, Intention is how you want to get there. 

Because of his answer to my petty question, he revealed that his direction for our relationship was marriage, and the intention to get to that was by formal proposal to also show respect to my parents.

For those who are single, I encourage you to pray for a man who has such intentions for your relationship. There is a big difference in dating someone who has the intention for marriage, and that of one who doesn’t.

Before meeting Jet, I dated a few (yes, less than a handful actually) men who didn’t have the intention for marriage.. and some of whom.. my parents even disapproved of. When I surrendered my life (especially my love life) to God, that was when Jet entered into my life and everything started getting clear again. I gained a new-found clarity while walking my path.

Now, on this day, Jet and I are celebrating our first year of marriage! I couldn’t say it enough… that when God is the author, it will be an amazing love story.

I have found the one my soul loves – Song of Solomon 3:4

A few years into marriage and I can say it has been a mix of ups and downs, but overall, years of happiness ❤️

I no longer mind that we never celebrated anniversaries while we were just dating.. now that I look back.. Jet had great wisdom in that decision for our relationship. Why so? Because now we celebrate something even greater, an anniversary of our love and life together in which we committed, together before the Lord, to love one another and be for one another.

To my love, my husband, my bestfriend.. I will continue to respect and love you, support you, encourage you, and be here for you no matter what. I want you to know that you fill my heart with absolute joy and you make me feel loved every single day ❤️ Thank you for everything. I look forward to more years with you.. It is us against the world. love you and happy anniversary, Honey 😘 

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