Creating My Own Motivation

The past few weeks have been a blur… partly because of my business, and partly because I am about to launch my new projects.

3 Lessons that I learned recently:

Conditioning your mindset is very important. For a long while, I dwelled on the “it was because of my circumstance” mindset… but all that changed when I changed it to “I create my own circumstances” or “I can create my own path”. Mindset is a powerful thing. I propelled myself to start again. I believed in myself instead of focusing on what people may think of me. More often than not, we limit ourselves by overthinking or prioritizing what others think we are capable of.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you no matter what. I have said this over and over again… but the people you are with greatly influence you. It affects your psyche. When you have people who constantly empower you and push you towards YOUR goals, it is an amazing experience. It is life changing. I really am blessed to have found my hype people. I discovered there is value in the vision I have.

Learning is also a ROI. Investing in myself is never a sunken cost.. because no matter what, I know I will have learned something. I had always been hesitant about learning online because of the costs and the slow return on investment… but not all investments give a monetary return on investment. Instead, it may equip you and propel you towards your goals faster – and that is a very valuable return on investment.

These 3 learnings are the pillars that have strengthened me the past weeks. I have been busy with prioritizing growth, both in business and my self. I unknowingly created this momentum and motivation… It’s been very tiring… but to see all of my aspirations come together to form a vision is very empowering.

I am so happy about this new chapter in my life. I am excited.

I hope you can support my ventures once I launch!

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