End The War with Picky Eaters

Meal time used to be so tedious and chaotic for our family. Every member seemed to want to eat a certain type of food. Even my kids started demanding certain types of food for their meals. I was alarmed to say the least.

I didn’t want to raise picky eaters at all but it had developed into that.. so I had to take action.

Within the course of a month, my kids learned to stop being picky eaters. Here are the ways I ended the war with my kids. Now, meal time is fun and relaxed. They even help prepare the meals sometimes!

1. Be firm with your menu for the meal.

This will save you a lot of preparation time and clean-up time.

2. If they don’t want to eat, let them go hungry.

My kids know that if they refuse a meal set before them, they will skip that meal all together.

We also eat at fixed times of the day as part of a routine. If they skip the meal, they wait for the next one at the designated time.

I started practicing this as a way to teach them what being hungry feels like. They won’t get ulcers if that’s worrying you. One skipped meal is usually enough to remind them they have to eat what’s set before them.

By the time I serve the next meal, they aren’t picky at all.

I also use moments like these to teach them that a lot of people go hungry, and that we are blessed to have a complete meal.

3. Change up the menu every week.

I’m not saying make a gourmet menu everytime. Just put a little variety every week if possible.

4. Let them cook with you

Sometimes when you involve them in the process of cooking, they actually look forward to meal time because they feel proud of what they have accomplished.

Here are sample meals you can prepare with your kids:

Baked Macaroni, Pancakes, Baked Rice Caserole, Noodles Soup, Sandwiches, Cookies, Bread

5. Have one day where you serve them food they actually don’t like.

Yup, you read that correctly. Intentionally prepare a meal they don’t like. Taking consideration of course health safety. Don’t serve them food they are allergic to, or food that is spicy, etc.

Example: If they don’t like broccoli, cook a broccoli dish.

Then teach them not to fear or dislike broccoli because it is good for them, it will give them good nutrition.

It trains them to like the food eventually.

I hope this helps you today!!

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