What is Pregnancy Like?

This is coming from a millenial mom to now three babies. To be honest, I feel like time flew by too fast. I still can’t believe I already have 3 babies!

A few of my friends who’ve been planning to have children (and those who are expecting a little one of their own) have been asking me about pregnancy.. so I decided to share about my pregnancy experience. It has been quite an adventure and I hope I can shed some light about what you can possibly expect to experience when you have one (or two.. or more) of your own.

I’ll discuss my experience per trimester of pregnancy.

I dyed my hair blonde during the last few weeks of my 3rd pregnancy with pregnancy safe hair coloring approved by my OB.

First Trimester: We’re Pregnant! 

Honestly, you’ll never know you’re expecting until you experience some of the obvious symptoms. (Listed the symptoms I had in order below)

  • Absurd Cravings – I craved for green mangoes, sinigang (a soup with sour tamarind broth), dimsum, and noodles
  • You become hungry ALL the time/your appetite increases – For just one meal, eating 3 cups of rice becomes no big deal! Haha then a few hours later, you’re hungry again!
  • Excessive Sleepiness/Fatigue – and I mean literally falling asleep anytime anywhere is possible.
  • Food Aversions – Believe it or not after the “I want to eat everything” stage, I couldn’t stand being near a lot food. I hated the smell of any kind of pizza, burgers, all grilled/cooked seafood, and I could not even walk thru a buffet! Haha My diet was then reduced to oranges, oatmeal, cereal, and bananas.
  • Nausea – the feeling isn’t a gagging feeling, it’s more like a spinning feeling

My mom thought I was expecting my first child when she saw how much I was eating while on a christmas trip with them.. But i told her that I was eating a lot (and eating whatever I wanted) to make-up for all the dieting I did for my wedding.

My husband and I then found out we were really pregnant while we were on our honeymoon. I attributed my exessive sleepiness to jetlag.. But when it lasted more than a week, Jet jokingly told me to take a pregnancy test. IMAGINE OUR SURPRISE HAHAHA 

The first trimester covers the first to the third month of your pregnancy. In the first three months, there are some things you should do once you suspect/confirm you’re expecting since it is important for the good growth and development of your baby:

  1. Go to an OB-GYN
  2. Have your very first ultrasound before you finish your 3rd month. This is so you can have a more accurate Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) based on the gestation of your baby.
  3. Change your diet. Eliminate processed food, avoid or eliminate mercury-rich food, avoid junk food, avoid very salty food, avoid sweets… etc. – TRUST ME. This will help you as you go along your pregnancy! With the help of my husband, I’ve been maintaining a very strict and healthy diet… and still, I’ve gained 23 pounds! As of today, my baby is estimated at 6.9 pounds! 
  4. Stop taking any medication – you should only be taking your prenatal vitamins and any supplements prescribed by your doctor.
  5. Try your best NOT to get sick. – having the flu or any form of sickness may be harmful for your baby at this point of your pregnancy.
  6. Hot tubs and hot showers are a NO-NO.
  7. Postpone coloring your hair until your OB-GYN gives you the go-signal.
  8. Avoid getting massages.. especially foot massages
  9. Avoid polluted areas (or buy a face mask for when you’re on your commute)
  10. Sit down and think about a baby budget (it would be best to do this together with your husband/partner)

Second Trimester: Getting Comfortable…

After all the things you’ll go thru during the first trimester, the second trimester should be generally easier for you. Most of the symptoms stop and you can start eating better. Thankfully, the difficult pregnancy symptoms always stopped for me during the second trimester and I really felt much better by this time for all my three pregnancies.

For those who are worried about when they should tell the world about their exciting news, the second trimester is also usually the month where your OB-GYN will give you the go-signal to tell EVERYONE that you’re expecting. There is less risk of a miscarriage, and more or less, your baby is getting really comfortable baking in your oven.

By now your baby will now be more or less used to the environment in your womb so you’ll usually feel more comfortable as well. One thing you’ll surely love would be the first time you feel your baby moving. You’ll definitely enjoy those little kicks and punches.. If you’re extra sensitive, you’ll also feel your baby hiccupping inside!

So if you’re like me, the second trimester will fly by so quickly, you’ll not even realise you’re going into your third trimester already.

Third Trimester: Faster, Baby, Faster!

It was always my goal was to reach and complete the 40 weeks of all my pregnancies. However, you will get to a point where you’re “through being pregnant”. Don’t get me wrong though… I’m not complaining about the pregnancy hardships – which by now I can sum up to the following:

  1. Frequent Tiredness and Sleepiness
  2. The kicks and punches suddenly become PAINFUL/UNCOMFORTABLE– by now your baby will be cramped and curled up inside that his or her movements will be so pronounced so it may shock you at times. I got numerous kicks to my ribs and it definitely made me stop and take a breathe sometimes. I even wake from sleep if she’s active during the wee hours of the night.
  3. Very uncomfortable back and hip aches – You might want to invest in good pregnancy support tops/belts to help with the aches.
  4. Constant sleepless nights due to aches and trips to the bathroom – BELIEVE ME… YOUR SLEEPLESS NIGHTS START EVEN BEFORE YOU GIVE BIRTH! Get as much sleep as you can before you can’t anymore!
  5. The weird waddle walk – either because of just the weight… or in my case the back and hip pain (time to get your pregnancy support tanks and leggings out! I recommend Blanqi Supportwear from Urban Essentials! They’re lifesavers!)
  6. HEARTBURN – I had a really bad experience with heartburn during my last few weeks of pregnancy 😐

It doesn’t seem like much to deal with BUT when you feel all of them at the same time… It’s quite a lot to handle.

Towards the last few weeks of pregnancy, if the baby hasn’t “dropped” yet, your OB may advise you to try and get your baby down to the right position as soon as you can and here are a few things OB approved for all my pregnancies. Please always seek your OB’s approval for any activity before doing anything.

  1. Walk at least 4miles per day
  2. Pelvic Exercises
  3. Sit on an excerise ball instead of a normal chair

That about sums it up 🙂 Hope this post helps those who were wondering about what pregnancy is actually like 🙂

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